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Why another Blog??

I’ve been avoiding the dozens, maybe hundreds of people that throughout the years asked me to do workshops on photography, for the most diverse reasons. 
The truth is that I’m learning everyday and every time I do a shooting and I always thought that a workshop should bring the attendees some real value, something that they can’t find – most of the time for free – on tutorials, comments, articles, etc etc. And the same thing goes for a blog. What do I have to tell that a lot of people haven’t told yet? And I finally got an answer: my personal experience! That’s something that no one can really talk about. My experiences and the things I’ve learned in my photography journey of self-learning.
So here it is. I will try to update it as much as I can. And you there’s anything in particular that you want to know, tell me. Who knows I can share my views and experience about it. 
Disclaimer: these writings only reflect my personal experience and my opinions and points of view. I wanted to shared them with anyone who likes or is interested in photography in general and my kind of photography in particular (fetish & erotica fine art). For me photography is all about capturing that split second (ok… maybe those 30 seconds if you’re working with long exposures) and making it eternal. But it has a lot to do with human relationship, trust and sex. 
Oh… and Light! Yes, light! 

No people, animals or equipment were harmed while producing these posts, images and thoughts (well, not entirely true in what concerns the equipment part, unfortunately). Feel free to share them and comment – unless you want to be a prick, in which case I will just erase your comments, block you and may even go after your whole family and friends. Because as someone once said (no, I don’t think it was DaVinci or Bill Gates): photographers are dangerous people. They shoot you, they frame you and they hang you on the wall.

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